Co-Founder, Designer and Front-End

In 2006 uploading and sharing an image could be a trying experience.

At that time the majority of hosts needlessly required you to login before uploading, so when I met a young programmer online, we decided to throw ourselves in at the deep end and create a solution.

The result was cubeupload

cubeupload continues to grow every day through word of mouth.

We are always working away on the next iteration of the site, I am responsible for the site design and front-end coding, the images you're seeing show some of my progress so far.

cubeupload has a fully responsive design, from mobile screens to huge desktop monitors, and from Mouse input to Touch input, ensuring the user experience feels as native as possible.

The DOM is lightweight and focused on performance, utilising the latest CSS3 standards to achieve smooth animations with an minimalist aesthetic.

Pictured Left The open and close button is achieved by simply rotating a + symbol to become an x.

The underlying icons are removed from view when the menu is collapsed, reducing the browser Paint/Render load. Small details like this are maintained and tested with dev tools across the site to achieve a high frame rate and fluid performance.

Founder, Designer and Programmer

"One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple." ― Jack Kerouac

DefineFor.Me is a Dictionary that removes all but the essential, the Definition.

Built with Wordnik's wonderful API definitions are fetched via AJAX, displayed clearly and boldly, with History API ensuring Navigation expectations are maintained.

Promotional Website Design (2013)

"Everything from the colour-scheme to the layout of pictures helps to give the impression of a film that embraces its comic book roots." ― Jake Sleet

Mop, Bucket and Cape is a superhero short film with a twist, directed by Jake Sleet.

The site takes full advantage of the production art, using a range of comics created for the short to frame the content and introduce the people involved with the project.

The comic book aesthetic is also used, inspiring typography choices as well as colours and shapes, which are bright and impactful.

Mop Bucket and Cape website Screenshot Mop Bucket and Cape website Screenshot

Wordpress Theme Design (2014)

BoB - Band of Brothers are small UK Pop Rock band from Brittany, France, that needed to up their web presence.

I used deep blues and reds, with white text to mimic the Union Jack, and incorporated large background photos of the band onto each page, pushing their personality and image.

Wordpress was the platform of choice, to enable the guys to self-manage their site, and bring some control to their gig promotion.

"Gabriel found out what we really needed and has built us a very useful tool for our project." ― James Lamborn

I'm want to learn about everything, and all that I do is touched by the web. I want to work for a company that values design at its core, and makes great products. Learn more about me.

If you think I might be right for you, please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.