Gabriel M Sharp

Full-stack developer and user experience designer

I create solutions for actual problems, used by real people.

Most Recent Work

Bloom Case-Study

Co-Founder CPO, Designer and Programmer


Other Work

Designer and Frontend



  • PrototypeMoqups
  • DesignPhotoshop
  • FrontendAngular JS, Breeze, HTML, CSS
  • ProjectPivotal Tracker, Azure, Hipchat

The Problem

You're breaking your Dog's heart when you put it in a kennel or can't walk it. Stop breaking your Dog's heart you monster.

Tailster's Solution

Connect owners with loving carers, conveniently and quickly.

Tailster brings dog owners, in need of sitting and walking, together with professional carers.

Working in a typical time-pressured startup environment, it was my responsibility to learn AngularJS and Breeze whilst building the site from the ground up. Later I helped newer hires learn the system and troubleshoot issues.

As a team we would routinely plan and execute 2-week sprints to bring a better experience to the users, and their woofing companions.

We also had the best dog-based puns in the game.

Co-Founder, Designer and Frontend



  • PrototypePen and paper
  • DesignPhotoshop, Sketch
  • FrontendJS, jQuery, HTML, CSS
  • ProjectRemote Work, Github

The Problem

Compression ruins images forever.

cubeupload's Solution

Zero compression, always. No signup required.

In 2006 uploading and sharing an image could be a trying experience.

At that time the majority of hosts needlessly required you to login before uploading, and compressed images beyond recognition, out of this frustration cubeupload was born.

Now 10 years old, cubeupload hosts thousands of new images a day, joining the millions already uploaded.

We think that by not compressing images and focusing on privacy, we are helping people preserve and archive images for years to come.

cubeupload maintains itself as a not-for-profit, supported by minimal adverts.

Designer, Frontend and Programmer



  • DesignPhotoshop
  • FrontendHTML, CSS, JS, jQuery
  • BackendWorknik API

"One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple." ― Jack Kerouac

DefineFor.Me is a Dictionary that removes all but the essential, the definition.

Built with Wordnik's wonderful API, definitions are fetched via AJAX, displayed clearly and boldly, with History API ensuring navigation expectations are maintained.


“So lovely to see you darling, also my emails won't send.”